Black Widow Podcast

Black Widow is a scripted podcast which investigates the mindset of dating as a millennial. It is a show which promotes positivity around sexual experiences, especially the experiences of women, whatever end of the sexual spectrum they might be on.

Its Goes Down In The DM Ep. 1

In this week's episode of Black Widow... Is it bad when a woman purposely leaves a man high and dry? If a guy doesn't ask for a woman's name before asking to link up, is he really interested? Welcome to the savage world of, Jessica Kelly! Like us on facebook!

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Flexing Ass Niggas Ep. 2

This week on Black Widow.. Stephanie insists that Jessica goes and kick it with a guy who has been pursuing her for the past 5 months. What happens after she finally decides to go is CRAZY! Share ya location, ladies!!

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Elevators Ep. 3

In this week's episode...

Jessica gets a promotion at work and goes to celebrate at the bar. While there, she runs into her ex. Ladies, do you remember a specific moment when you realized you didn't love someone anymore? Savage levels are peaking!

written by: Eric Dizzy (@ThaFamousNobody) & Brittany Rae - (@xoCherylForever)

Keep Your Feelings Ep. 4

This week, Jessica goes deeper into her crazy stories and tells about meeting a guy named, Justin. Did he seduce her or did she trap him? Was there more of a connection here? Thank you all so much for the love! Tell 5 people!!

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Written by: Eric Dizzy (@thafamousnobody) & Brittany Rae (@xocherylforever)

Issa Trap Ep. 5

In this Episode...

Jessica tells the story about the time she was trapped into a threesome. Kim finally exposes her feelings... Could it get any juicier??

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The Rabbit Hole Ep. 6

In this episode of Black Widow...

Jessica makes it to Arizona to attend the annual company link up. Justin wants to go on a date and hit the town but while doing so, they run into a problem. Should Jessica be upfront and honest about her sex life?

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Lesson 1 Ep. 7

In this weeks episode... Jessica has her first one night stand but it turns out to be more than just that. She meets the man that changes her outlook on everything...

Lesson 2 Ep. 8

This week on Black Widow... Jessica reconnects with Keith. He teaches her more about sex this go round. Is this getting too heavy? Are they getting in over their head? What are your thoughts?

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Written and produced by Eric Dizzy.

Jessica Kelly played by Brooklyn G.

Keith played by Eric Dizzy.


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Monte Booker & Naji - Mona Lisa

iamJeni - Prussian Blue |

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Nick Pacoli - In The Bed (all day) |

Slom - Toucan

Lesson 3 Ep. 9

In this episode of Black Widow...

The relationship between Keith and Jessica forms into something beautiful but didn't have a title. Does she have a right to feel the way she feel? How would you handle this situation?

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iamJENI -



The Finale Ep. 10

In this weeks episode of Black Widow... The story picks back up at the restaurant with Justin who then begins to tell his own story about his latest ex. While out and about, Jessica runs into Kim from the airplane. Is this what you expected from all of this? Did you all fall for Justin because you knew less about him?

Thank you so much for the love and support of Black Widow! This has been one of the best experiences ever. We will see you next week with the Black Widow Diaries. -Eric Dizzy

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